How to write an essay?

By an essay we mean a consideration or argument. It is important to be able to write a good essay, and the skill you train with it is a skill for life. An essay or essay is very applicable to many studies, and it is also an exam component in high school. Many pupils and students have a great fear of writing an essay: strict teachers who judge in their own opinion, their subjectivity and the chance of blackouts. Fortunately, writing an essay is not just about “talent”; There are a number of things that an essay must meet that you are guaranteed to pass.

A consideration

The consideration is the reverse of the argument. In a consideration you provide purely objective information about a certain subject. The way you write must therefore be unbiased. Do not try to convince the reader of anything, but be a reliable, objective source of information.

The introduction

In the introduction to a consideration, a specific statement or problem must be mentioned. Some examples of the main subject may be given, but try not to be convincing about the seriousness of the problem, for example. Do not express an opinion or write about yourself.

The center piece

In the paragraphs of the middle section information is mainly given about the main subject. Think of background information and various elements or characteristics. Opinions from other people (for example from political leaders) may also be given.

The conclusion 

At the end of a consideration, the final assessment of the problem or statement is made. An answer is given to the statement. Is, for example, still looking at all the information about it, illegal prostitution in Amsterdam? Sometimes it can also happen that there is no answer, conclusion or solution to a specific investigation or problem. For example, it is possible that there is too much conflicting information, so that there is no clear outcome at the moment. As long as you write and substantiate this well, that is also good.


The language used in a discussion must always be formal. Avoid saying “I” in the text to appear objective and formal. Do not write to the audience. A tip for this is to remember that you are speaking to the whole world, so the tone should be as general as possible.

The appearance of an essay

Every essay, regardless of the type of essay, must officially adhere to a certain structure. This is to prevent every author from creating his own ‘paper’. Every school exam uses this structure, with a regular test it can sometimes be that a teacher or teacher gives you freedom in this. Always ask if it is unclear.

The title of the essay must be given at the top left of the page. When specified also a specific order number or for example a used source (this is not necessary if it is not specified in the order).

Blank lines may be left between the introduction, the middle section and the lock. However, this is not necessary.

There must be no blank lines between the different paragraphs of the middle section, you must jump in between two paragraphs (so after you have written the first paragraph you must start with the second paragraph on the next line, etc.)

The assignment on the test or exam

On each test or exam you get the option to choose between an argument or consideration. Sometimes it is sometimes the case that you are allowed to write your own written story, where you have complete freedom in terms of structure and language. For example, you can write a story about a Chinese boy who comes to study in the Netherlands and has to get used to our culture.

On most tests and exams you will receive a number of topics with underlying information in an appendix. You can then choose one of those topics to write about. The handy thing about this is that you already have a small source of information. However, sometimes you are not given topics. In the event of uncertainty, always ask a teacher or teacher for advice.

The assessment

If you have written an argument, and have incorporated all the requirements of an argument (own opinion, enough arguments), you have adhered to the rules of the appearance of the essay and have shown that you understand the subject (and have not written down completely nonsense), a teacher or teacher must guarantee you a 5.5. If you also have a good sentence structure, a nice vocabulary and few spelling mistakes, you are already moving towards a higher number. What also counts for a high mark is whether you keep the reader well focused on the text, you show that you are aware of the topicality of a topic and you have a well-founded conclusion.

The result

If you do not agree with the assessment or the score of your essay, you are always entitled to a second proofreader. Another teacher or teacher will then assess the essay again (read this in your school or exam regulations). Please note that the second assessment counts. So when the figure has become lower due to the second assessment, this can no longer be increased to what was first.