Do you say this immediately if your teacher comes with a new assignment for an essay?

Are the assignments becoming increasingly difficult? Can you invent what you write about or not? Has your teacher already written the first paragraph and are you allowed to finish it or buy essay?

Many students are afraid of writing an essay. Whether it is a narrative essay or an argument about a topic that interests you.

You are certainly not the only one. In this blog I want to help you to write a narrative essay easier.

Because … writing is fun! I am not saying this because I myself am an author, but with writing you can lose everything you have ever wanted to say and do, but secretly do not dare. Your characters dare everything in your story. My advice: enjoy yourself and draw on your source of fantasy. Oh yes, stick to the assignment … otherwise you won’t score points.

Before you start to really write, you first have to think about what your story should be about. You make a structure of a head, the middle part and a closure. You come up with a name for your hero in the story.

The headline is the start of your story. Do you want to pop immediately with a dialogue? Then start by describing the setting, because you first have to take your reader into your world, otherwise he will drop out quickly. So a setting: where does the story take place? Is it the middle of summer or is it freezing? Highlight a first tip of the veil: start writing about the problem that your character must solve. Don’t give everything away right away, because then the reader already knows how the hero is doing. Try to surprise your reader with an exciting adventure or a funny anecdote. As a writer you want to keep your reader fascinated to the last word. In the middle section your character experiences everything: he overcomes his greatest fear, he fights with the most dangerous dragon, he rescues a group of people from a burning car.

It is important that you build the story slowly and gradually provide your reader with information. I can already hear you say! Yes, that’s nice, but how do I do that?

Well, by:

A dialogue, so a conversation. You write a dialogue in written language. So not: “I’m going to look at the horses.” But: “I’m going to look at the horses.”

By letting your characters experience different adventures. You write about one adventure and at a later moment your characters come together. In a dialogue they tell about their experiences;

By giving a description of the setting in which your characters are located. Make sure you use active verbs. Avoid verbs such as are and become. Novice writers (including me!) Fall into the trap of repeating what you have already written!

The end is the plot. A plot is a turn in the story that surprises your reader. Your hero in the story has miraculously defeated the enemy. In fantasy everything is possible, as long as you write it down with a lot of imagination and verve.

As I did in the book “The Legend of the Marsh.” The Northern Lights are actually a natural phenomenon, but because of the way I have written about iOk, we talked about the structure. A boring start, but necessary, because (if you don’t do it) there is a chance that you will run away with your own story.

I think structures are terrible, because it always starts to tickle so enormously when a story takes place in my head and the images just pass by me. I am very quickly tempted to just start. My advice: don’t do it and make your story structure first. Don’t be shocked, but the storyline develops as you write. Halfway through you have to take a look at the structure and the first ideas to see if you are on track. It is possible that the story has developed in a completely different way than you had thought up in advance. This doesn’t matter! This only means that you have a lot of imagination, and you can’t get enough of that. Simply adjust the storyline and continue writing.

Incidentally, it is also true; start on time! I don’t want to sound educational, but a story needs time to grow. To mature, say. A hero arises because you think about him, you always see him in front of you. Images that run like a movie in your head. After a day, pick up the essay again and continue writing. If you wait until the last day, you deliver a lousy story, and your hero doesn’t deserve that!

Concluding general tips for writing your exciting essay:

  • Clear and clear storyline: not too detailed and not minute by minute describe how the characters are doing. Let your reader enjoy and experience.
  • Watch out for repetitions in the text
  • Avoid as much as possible He thinks … only if it contributes to the development of the character of your hero.
  • Show how a character behaves instead of telling you about it in a description.

For example: Not: he is angry. But show that he is angry. Because he stamps his feet, wraps himself around or screams loudly.t, it is

Noorderlicht has become a part of fantasy. As a fantasy reader you go along in the storyline to buy essay.